A recording studio in Buenos Aires

Libres is a recording and mixing studio located near the geographic centre of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Studio & Services

Discretely housed down a quiet cobbled street, the studio was originally a large family home which was then turned into a 300 sq ft live room, and a comfortable 250 sq ft control room. Our strongpoints include the room’s warm acoustics and a fantastic Steinway “Baby” grand piano.

With a flexible timetable, we organize sessions per hour or day, depending on the project at hand. We offer recording services for bands and ensembles, solo instruments, overdubbing/ADR and radio work. In post-production we edit and mix, do restoration jobs and mastering. We also produce original music for film and TV.

Piano & Gear

The piano is one of the main reasons why people choose to record at Libres. The serial number dates it back to 1929, which could well explain the warmth in its sound. We like to keep it in good working order, ready to be played at any time. Pianists are always welcome to visit and get to know it first-hand.

Our gear list is constantly on the move, with both analogue and digital options alike and a colourful palette of microphones, there’s always something new on loan or up for testing: so for the very latest update it’s best to ask!

Images & Experiences

Here you can get an idea of what the studio is like: there are images of the studio space itself, videos of various projects carried out here, as well as photos of musicians in the midst of a session.

Since it’s always important to get a fellow-musician’s opinion about a studio, we’ve compiled several for you –including a few in English!

Contact us and arrange a visit.